KRU LEK Tells Boxing Stories 5 - muay thai training

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          During the time while I was learning with Grandpa KHET, he was once kind enough to tell me & everyone else an old story of when Grandmaster KHET himself asked to become a student of Grandmaster GIMSENG TAH'WEESIT. He told it in the spoken dialect of the villagers "During that moment in time, it seemed like the old man was somewhat audacious since it appeared that he thought himself to be invincible !"

        When I approached Grandmaster GIMSENG TAH'WEESIT, I saw him in the middle of teaching his students how to receive kicks using the palm of one's hand.

Grandpa then asked the grandmaster, "What if they kicked as fast as the wind ?"

Grandmaster GIMSENG replied "Dear KHET, how many footballs have you kicked ?"

Grandpa answered "Two of them, sir !"

Grandmaster GIMSENG then said, "Good ! Now come here & kick me !"

        Grandpa thought that... since the palm was much softer than the shin... how in the world could it defend against a kick which moves as fast as the wind (meaning an unstoppable kick)?? Grandpa immediately accepted the grandmaster's challenge ! Grandpa threw the first kick before Grandmaster GIMSENG used the palm of his hand to receive the area just above the knee ! Grandpa then threw a second kick to which Grandmaster GIMSENG, once again, used his palm to receive the area just above the knee ! Then, grandpa thought about following the kick up with a punch since there would be a chance to do that while the grandmaster used his palm to receive the area just above the knee ! When grandpa threw the third kick & followed it up with a punch to the open area, the grandmaster first used his palm to receive the area just above the knee before he thrusted that very same palm up against grandpa's chin until it caused grandpa to fall & land on his rear end to the point where it was difficult to stand back up ! Grandmaster GIMSENG stood there laughing & asked grandpa, "How are you doing ? Has the wind stopped blowing yet ?" Grandpa raised his hands to pay respect to Grandmaster GIMSENG & replied, "It stopped, sir."

        Grandpa KHET said that "Grandmaster GIMSENG had footwork so great that it was almost angelic !" He also said that... back in the day... it was mandatory for teachers & students to practice sparring with each other in order to help the teachers to teach certain things & correct any errors made at that very instant.

        Grandpa KHET said that "When I sparred with Grandmaster GIMSENG, I thought that he would get hit at some given point in time no matter what. However... everytime I threw a punch... he would close the distance before rubbing his hand on my head & saying, "Don't be so overconfident, dear KHET."

        I think that'll be sufficient enough storytelling for today. There's another story that I'm still trying to recall. It'll take time to gradually remember all of the details since it happened a very long time ago ! Around forty-five years, to be precise ! But... once I can remember it, then it would be as if it happened yesterday and then I'll tell it to you all.

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