KRU LEK Tells Boxing Stories 4 - muay thai training

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          When I arrived at grandpa's house, I would change into my workout clothes for boxing practice. From there, I would practice the "Three Treasure Steps" & upon completing my practice, I would walk into a room resembling a very large bird cage which the grandmaster used for storing various types of boxing equipment such as bag gloves, sandbags, other types of gloves, various other equipment and an assortment of things that I didn't bother prying through out of courtesy, respect & proper etiquette. Therefore, I only reached for the bag gloves so that I could work with the sandbag that had already been hung up & ready for use. I began with delivering the Chaiya style JAB & CROSS as the grandmaster watched over me carefully looking for any mistakes that might occur.

        For instance... If I threw a lead or rear punch without covering my other ear, then he would remind me repeatedly to cover my other ear. He didn't teach the other students in a detailed manner so he just allowed them to go about it all their own way. He placed great importance in teaching properly, though. He said that mastering the basics was a very crucial & most essential part of mastering the style.

        I remember the time when he taught me how to do the "Swing Shin" kick (or Chaiya style round kick). He told me to raise my hands to form the Thai greeting posture & attach both of my thumbs underneath my chin & avoid removing them from their current position (**while demonstrating at the same time**). Preventing my elbows from opening out too far. Allowing them to protrude outwards sufficiently. Both of my feet parallel to each other & bending my legs as well !

        Then, the grandmaster did the "Swing Shin" round kick with both his right & left shins, slowly & alternatively. When he performed the "Swing Shin" round kick, his body would lean until parallel with the floor. His head, however, would remain erect or upright. And, he would toss his head away in the same direction of his swinging torso. Grandpa KHET told us that "This is known as 'Toss The Head Away & Swing The Shin' ".

        By this time, Grandpa KHET was already 70 years old. He, however, was able to show us every single move & technique in a most beautiful & elegant manner ! His actions & movements appeared to be very vigorous, strong, fierce, & energetic ! He said that "Before doing the 'Swing Shin' technique, we must assume the Chaiya style boxing guard. We must prioritize this way of practice since part of a good defense requires us to keep our hands from dropping !

        Always remember that your thumbs must remain attached underneath your chin." After you can successfully keep your hands from dropping, you can assume the boxing guard while doing the "Swing Shin" round kick.

        Well, that'll be all for today. If I write too much, then you might get tired of reading my stories !
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