KRU LEK Tells Boxing Stories 3 - muay thai training

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         When Grandpa KHET taught (allow me to refer to him as "Grandpa KHET" just like I did back in the day since it'll be easier for me to express myself in writing), he would refer to me as "dear grandson" or just "grandson" depending on what pleased him at the moment. Grandpa KHET would explain the boxing guard like so "Dear grandson, place one of your fists directly at the tip of your eyebrow or eye socket (**while demonstrating**). Make sure that you can see with both eyes. Don't allow your fists to block your eyesight. Your arm should be angled at about 45 degrees.

        Position your other arm at the halfway point of your upper arm. Elbow doesn't adhere too closely to your torso. Allow it to open outwards at an angle of about 45 degrees just like the other arm (**while continuing to demonstrate the technique**). Position the fist located at the tip of your eyebrow away from your face at a distance of about one palm span away.

        Learning with Grandpa KHET allowed me to hear stories about fighters in the "CHUA CHAIYA" camp (name of grandpa's camp). I remember him mentioning about *ROHM-RUN-KAHNONG* and *BPRAH-GUY-PED*. His stories were quite enjoyable to listen to since he would infuse them with various actions including hand gestures & facial expressions ! He said that "Learning Muay Thai requires versatility in the limbs or being able to use one part of the body in a variety of ways ! For instance... one leg should be capable of performing kicks, push kicks, AND Chaiya style snap kicks !" I would practice the "Three Treasure Steps" while hearing Grandpa KHET talk about various issues which Muay Thai was experiencing at the time.

        He would chat with people who wished to have conversations with him or people who went there to learn, but liked talking with him. I, myself, preferred to be the careful listener since I wanted to learn more than make conversations. I remember this one student in particular who never mentioned his name who said to Grandpa KHET, "I wish to learn the 'Tiger Drags Its Tail' technique".

        Grandpa KHET gazed upon the student in a kind & gentle manner before telling him to "Go practice the 'Three Treasure Steps' first". The grandmaster (or Grandpa KHET) followed a very strict & detailed step-by-step teaching regimen. He would never skip a step or two simply to please the student !

        That's all for now. I'll tell you more next time.

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